Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce as a type of electronic transactions or electronic commerce with the use of mobile communication technologies and devices was on our agenda at Beuth University in Berlin yesterday. The main discussion topics were the new possibilities of mobile marketing and how they change the communication between enterprises and customers. We had a look at some new practices from both the providers’ perspective and from the consumers’ perspective.

We hosted a quest presentation by the B2B consultant Doris Schuppe, who illustrated some current practices in mobile commerce by showing a number of interesting examples ranging from location-based services to augmented reality. The presented examples included: Barcoo,  QR Code Reader,  MyTaxi,  Ludwig II, Layar,  Junaio, Foursquare . You can see her presentation on SlideShare. The recoding of the presentation from Adobe Connect can be viewed on Vimeo.

Here is the list of links Doris Schuppe used in her presentation

Thank you @DoSchu for this great insight into mobile commerce!


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